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Showtime has a rich alumni of students & teachers who have taken their love of the performing arts to new levels.


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Archie Yates

Showtime Performing Arts student Archie Yates aged 10, hugged goodbye to his Showtime friends as he begins filming Disney’s Home Alone in Montreal.  Archie has the leading role as “Kevin”, first made famous by Maculay Calkin.

Students of the weekend performing arts school are often asked to audition for TV adverts, stage performances and television programmes.  Archie had several TV commercials under his belt so he isn’t new to the camera. Each Sunday, Archie worked hard with Showtime tutors to prepare for the role of Yorkie in JOJO Rabbit, which starred Scarlett Johansson and is at cinemas now.

His success in this role led to auditions with Fox and Disney to star in the new Home Alone movie.   

Cody Evans

In 2014 Cody appeared on Mister Maker 'Around The World' as an actor on the shapes sequences. He went on to star in 2 music videos in 2014 as well as a one day film project where he played superman.

In 2018 Cody played at the Barbican with the Royal Shakespeare Company in “I Claudius” and in 2019 played John in Peter Pan at EM Foster Theatre, Tonbridge

More of Our Students:

  • Ruben Catt was featured in a short horror film and has been filming commercials and enjoys his days in London.
  • Bong-Ra appears in The Bodyguard, on Tour in the UK
  • Emily Crittenden invited to sing at an open air concert by Kerry Ellis
  • Connie Lee has landed a recording contract
  • Barney landed a great TV commercial
  • Elsie has had several Disney auditions.

Our Teachers:

  • Katy Secombe is enjoying being part of the Celebrity cast of Les Miserables
  • Laurie wrote/directed & appeared in a show at Blackpool
  • Macey performed at Edinburgh Fringe, and at Wimbledon & London with The Dots, and appeared on Britans Got Talent, making the semi finals.
  • Tom Ping is performing in Thursford Christmas Spectacular
  • Blaise has recently finished Annie, she has also been in Mama Mia and other West End Shows.

25% of our students now have agency representation with RD Casting.