TinyTime classes teach our youngest students to become confident singers, dancers and actors.

At this early stage each child begins to learn how to control their voice, body movement and develop role-play skills.

After a quick warm up, children loosen up with a variation of vocal exercises.  These are great fun and help young voices speak and sing clearly.

The middle part of the lesson focuses upon dance and movement. Our students learn good balance and control whilst working on different routines.

The last part of the lesson is drama and children use their imagination to convey moods and emotions.

Finally, each class is rounded off by bringing all three disciplines together into a short musical theatre routine.

Lessons last for 1 hour.

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Building Confidence FOR NOW & FOREVER

TinyTime classes help our little ones become confident ‘have a go’ children ready to face new challenges.

Having fun with new friends whilst developing singing, dancing and acting skills is great learning.

And it is so great to see how kind and helpful our students are to each other.  Tinytime teachers are patient, energetic and love seeing each child develop and find their special skills.

Tinytime takes place each Saturday during term time. Each one hour lessons costs £11.

Call 01732 430 300 to arrange your first visit.

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We love showtime and to make sure your children do too, we invite them to have a taste of Showtime at any of our schools for free.

This is a great way to meet your teachers and enjoy singing, dancing and acting with new friends.