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Showtime Performing Arts student Archie Yates aged 10, hugged goodbye to his Showtime friends as he begins filming Disney’s Home Alone in Montreal.  Archie has the leading role as “Kevin”, first made famous by Maculay Calkin.


Students of the weekend performing arts school are often asked to audition for TV adverts, stage performances and television programmes.  Archie had several TV commercials under his belt so he isn’t new to the camera. Each Sunday, Archie worked hard with Showtime tutors to prepare for the role of Yorkie in JOJO Rabbit, which starred Scarlett Johansson and is at cinemas now.


His success in this role led to auditions with Fox and Disney to star in the new Home Alone movie.   


Melinda Cherrett, Principal of Showtime Performing Arts & Stage Schools says: 


With all Showtime students, we work hard to discover each child’s talents.  The skills students learn to become confident in themselves help them in every situation; at home, at school and in life.  All Showtime students shine.


Archie has learnt to become a confident actor, singer and dancer over the past five with Melinda and her team of professional tutors from stage & screen.


“It is so important that our teachers inspire Showtime students with their own experiences. We always work with the best from our industry.”


We are looking forward to Archie resuming his learning at Showtime and taking part in our stage performances. Although, I’m afraid he will need to audition like every other student and will definitely not have his own dressing room!”